I studied pedagogy at Charles University, my studies ended with a bachelor's degree. I have twelve years of work in a publishing house, of which four years as an editor, eight as deputy director. I managed the team, spoke at events and led the development of the company. 

During my career, I began to study coaching, neurolinguistics and mindfulness, as well as Quantum Human Design™ and the Enneagram. I began to successfully apply the methods in my life and they became the next stage for my further professional and personal development.

In 2022, I started my career as a coach,

coaching for personal development and writing coaching for the implementation of a creative project.

Currently, in my practice I use personal coaching, writer's coaching, deep coaching, strategies according to personal profile and spiritual path

Therapeutic Channeling Gabriel.

I am creative in my spare time. I have successfully published three publications , am learning to draw and continue to educate myself in self-development disciplines. I am writing other books, a detective novel, a science fiction novel and a fantasy. I am married and have a daughter who taught me the most out of all the teachers and professors. 

In addition to coaching and channeling, I make top-notch pancakes. My specialty is the cinnamon sugar and chocolate peanut butter versions.

My name is Josef Šorm and I look forward to making your writing dreams come true together.


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