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About Me

My Mission and Vision

My mission is to guide all writers and creators to action, to the fulfillment of their creative dreams.

My vision is a world in which we all leave our fears and masks behind, live fully our potential and create what we truly desire. 

My dream is a free world, world of love, kindness and authenticity.

The journey never ends

I always believed in the magic word UNTIL. I won't be happy 'until'. I won't be happy until I have a family. I won't be happy until I earn this money. I won't be happy until I live in that place. 

Eventually I got everything, but I was always happy only for a while. Happiness was always just around the corner. In the end, I discovered that I was actually dissatisfied, angry, and resentful, even though I had everything I wanted.

At one point I was so frustrated I stopped writing. I wanted to write, but could not find the spark within me. It was as if it was under a thick blanket, suffocating. It did not last for couple of days. Not weeks. Not months. It was years.

Fortunately (thanks to my wife) a new world opened up for me. The world that is not about what I own, what labels I put on myself, what I can do in life, or who likes me. A world in which I do not chase happiness, but walk the path of true fulfillment. In order to embark on this journey, I first had to start with myself, before opening up to a new path. Only then did real fulfillment come.

I won't lie - I fell in love again, this time with coaching. I was excited about coaching as a very effective method to start living the best version of yourself.

I love coaching. I find real meaning and happiness in it - taking action together, working with fears, concerns, criticism, procrastination. Bringing your books, scripts and courses together to perfection, empowering you through difficult situations and your blocks, bringing you to your beauty and true self, this is my passion. 

I still experience fears, frustrations, problems and pains. I am not perfect, far from it. Fortunately, from each such boulder we can build a step on which we can stand and be closer to the stars.

I am writing again and along with that I am coaching. Lighting up spark in each of us - that is something I enjoy immensely.

The work has only just begun. And it will never end.

Your Way

If you want to a smart way to fulfill your vision, to realize your literary intention, I am here to make your dreams come true. I use personal coaching, deep coaching, writing coaching, and a spiritual path for those who may benefit from it.

In life we ​​can seek pleasure or true joy. While the former is only momentary, true joy comes from fulfilling our potential. Let's find and fulfil yours together.

My Ethics

  • I accept who you are, with respect and no judgement
  • Each session must be useful for you, effective and leading to specific action.
  • I will be authentic, supportive and challenging at the same time.
  • Each of you is unique and therefore each of you needs a unique approach.
  • I will always provide you with a safe and empathetic space.
  • Everything said at our meeting is confidential.
  • I am a partner on your journey and will support you in everything that leads to love, acceptance and transformation.
  • My highest values ​​are love, freedom, authenticity and acceptance - these are the values ​​I will use in each of our meetings.


Let's see your masterpiece

Hello there! I'm Pepa the Coach, and I'm thrilled to connect with you. Are you ready to take the first step towards unleashing your writing genius? Let's join forces and unlock your creative potential together. Fill out the form below, and let's get started on this extraordinary adventure!