We will turn your great ideas into reality. 

Instead of just talking about your project, you'll go straight to action.

Sustainable writing replaces chaos, confusion, uncertainty.

Instead of procrastinating and feeling guilty about not writing, start writing regularly with a clear goal in mind.

The joy and fulfillment of a great work will replace the feelings of shame and failure that you are failing.

You will no longer need to compare yourself to others and worry about who is better. You will write and create with enthusiasm and ease.

You will gain self-confidence, fulfillment and a great sense of self.

The fear of promotion, that we are not good enough, that our work is not as good as our predecessors or colleagues, we turn into a desire to write and go steadfastly towards our goal.

Getting stuck and stuck will become a thing of the past. Writer's block will no longer be a problem, but a challenge that you will work through playfully.

We turn against the saboteurs of perfectionism and self-criticism.

You will exchange the lack of supportive and understanding people around you for a true partner on your journey to great work.

We find your authentic and effective writing. We make sure that nothing necessary is left out, and on the contrary, we remove what does not serve you.

The best works are created in teamwork, mutually inspiring cooperation. We will energize, deepen and strengthen your writing and creation. Of course, all authorship will always remain yours alone.

You will receive a sensitive analysis of your work and overall feedback that is useful to you and will develop your text. Criticism will kill creation, conscious analysis will give you energy and desire to write and improve.

You will leave behind a legacy for others, you will bring joy to others from your work.

Active creation brings joy. Once you write, prepare your own course, your life takes on a new dimension. You can write to deal with your own pain and trauma, or because you like to delve into your stories, or because you want to share with others what you know, your experiences, your journey through life. Then joy will always come. 

Each of us is unique and therefore the program will always be adapted directly to your needs. These are the basic pillars that we will stick to. But it depends only on you whether we will use all of them or just some of them.

  1. PLAN AND APPROACH – why you are writing your book, screenplay or course. Its market position. Your target group. You anchor yourself in your attitude and intention in creation. We set daily or weekly writing goals. Working with the fears that hold you back and hold you back. Everything else related to writing and creation in your individual case.
  2. JAM AND BLOCK - working with a jam. What if you started writing or creating several times, only to abandon everything. How to move on from the draft when you can't seem to move to start doing your own edits.
  3. PERSONAL PROFILE AND STRATEGY - each of us is unique. We have our strengths and focus that we may not even know about. That's why we'll look directly at your unique profile and discuss the best strategies and topics for you.
  4. BRAVOR CONTENT – writing and creation will get a boost of energy. You're happy with your draft, but your writing is better in your head than on paper. Your chapters don't speak to you. You don't know how to improve your writing and creation, you're looking for new tools that will work just for you - we'll find exactly what you need. We always find exactly what will turn yours into a version you're happy with.
  5. WRITING IN FLOW - the dream of each of us, when we write truly with ease, connected to our higher self, from the depth of our heart. You will discover your true joy, that genuine enthusiasm that longs to create in ease and happiness.
  6. PROMOTION AND SALES - dislike of self-promotion, talking about your book and work, waiting for a miracle. We will transform everything into a style that suits you exactly, in which you feel good and safe. No more chaos and uncertainty, but a precise way of promoting and selling, in which you feel safe and have fun.

You are thinking of starting to write.

You start writing, but it doesn't go as you imagined.

You're already writing, but you're stuck. 

You write, but you want to improve your writing rapidly.

You're done, but you stopped for a promotion.

…my writing is not good enough.

…many people have already written this before me, there is no point in writing about it anymore.

…no one will read me.

…my efforts are useless.

…I will never finish my work.

…I can't stand my work being criticized and insulted.

…I don't know how to start because I have a lot of chaos.

…I'm not creative, there's no point.

…I'd rather not promote myself because I can't stand being rejected.

…I have a fear of failure, of not finishing it.

...I feel sad that I can't do it, that I can't do it.

…I'm angry at myself for being stuck, for not being able to do it like others.

…I am angry with others that they create easily and I have a block.

…I am afraid, sad, or angry that others are better than me.

Do these uncomfortable emotions and dysfunctional beliefs sound subconscious to you? We are actively working with them. There is nothing wrong with you. It's not your fault. If you have them or sometimes think about them, it is not unusual. We all face them. Our goal is not to ignore them, to trample them down, to suppress them, but to consciously work with them so that we are aware of them, direct their energy in a useful direction and reformulate them in such a way that we can deal with them effectively.I'm already writing, I've published books, screenplays, or I've already completed courses,
how will the program help me?

The best and most magnificent works are most often created in collaboration. Major film studios hire entire armies of writers to help create the script. It's not that we're not good enough or that you can't do it yourself. It's about the fact that quality collaboration brings an amazing uniqueness and professionalism that we, as individuals, are hardly able to achieve on our own. That's what writing coaching brings - we harness the power of collaboration. The beauty is that the work remains only yours. We all want to create the best works and this program is exactly that. 

Do you also know that feeling when you buy a new phone or computer? How do you immediately work better and create better? When you fly a plane instead of a sweaty bus? Or when you change from an old car to a brand new, more powerful one? Everything goes smoothly, faster, more efficiently, you are happier, more rested and most importantly - you reach your destination much faster and the journey is easier. 

Your texts deserve care, just like you. Feedback is important if it is useful to you and if it is requested from you. The goal is to focus on areas that are your strengths and develop them. The main intention is support in creation and subsequently its improvement, so it is not about proofreading or editing, but an individual approach to the text so that it fulfills exactly what you wish to achieve.

The important thing is that we understand each other and that my style of cooperation (coaching) suits you. If you are serious about your project, you are ready to invest your time, energy and finances, you feel energized with me, in a safe environment so that you can talk openly about your feelings, that we "just sit down", then our cooperation is the right way. A non-binding meeting where we can get to know each other better serves this assurance. 

The goal is for you to write and create to the best of your ability and to promote yourself with joy. I'm happy to give you advice and feedback, but only with your permission. However, the primary thing is cooperation in a way that stimulates you, gives you the taste and energy to create, and improves your creation. There are enough critics in the world. Above all, we need to support each other and create with ease.

The types differ in their length, which is related to the size of your work. If you are not sure how to best estimate the length, we can agree on everything at a non-binding meeting. At the end of the shorter program, it is possible to switch to a longer program.