Simi, my wonderful wife, is an accredited therapist of the Journey by Brandon Bays, a guide of Soul Realignment and a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis. She combines therapeutic methods with insights from the Enneagram, Human Design, Akashic Records, Channeling and various other methods in her work with clients.

She leads the Power of Love and Listening program - a certification training program with the method of Therapeutic Channeling Gabriel. I am fortunate to have been invited to collaborate on this program. I also work with my wife on Therapeutic Channeling Gabriel, Spark, and Phoenix programs.

Simi will unblock you, guide you in the right direction, give you courage, strength, clarity, prepare you for the future, and guide you through difficult periods.

Thanks to my wife, I started working on myself and discovered my passion. Creativity, joy in life, and the courage to live as I truly desire have returned to me. Simi is a unique woman who has taught me many things, and thanks to her, I continue to progress on the path of self-discovery. I love working with her on programs and guiding people together through challenging periods, towards their potential, their joy in creation, and their higher selves.


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