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The Writer's Journey - Gold

Ready to take on a significant writing project? With the Gold Programme, I am committed to supporting you in crafting a large-format book, a compelling screenplay, or a comprehensive course. Spanning 9 months, it is built on the understanding that each of us possesses unique qualities and untapped potential.

At the core of this programme is delving deep into your personal profile. We will uncover your hidden strengths, talents, and passions that you may not even be aware of. By harnessing this self-awareness, we will develop the best strategies and topics that align with your individuality.

Throughout this time together, we will have 18 invigorating 60-minute meetings dedicated to writing and creation. These sessions will be an opportunity for collaboration, brainstorming ideas, refining your work, and overcoming any challenges you may encounter. You will receive nine thorough text analyses, providing valuable insights and feedback to help you enhance the depth and impact of your writing.

To support your progress and personal growth, you will have a writer's diary, where you can reflect on your journey, capture inspirations, and document your creative process. I will provide ongoing email support, ensuring that you have the guidance and encouragement you need whenever you need it. After each session, detailed meeting records will be provided, serving as a reference for your progress and action items.

Join me on this transformative Gold Programme, where we will not only transform your writing journey but also facilitate your personal growth and development. Together, we will bring your ambitious project to life, ensuring it shines brilliantly and resonates with your audience.

Goal: You will write a large format book, a long script or a course

  • 9 months, 1,600 CZK meeting | €80 meeting
  • 18 x 60 minute meetings for writing and creation
  • 9 x 1 standard page text analysis
  • writer's diary
  • ongoing email support
  • meeting records

a total of CZK 28,800 | €1,440,
which can be divided into 9 installments


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