Are you pissed off?

There are so many "wonderful" opportunities that can frustrate me in a day. I just need to think about it, and I can immediately list at least ten reasons why I have the right to be angry and annoying.

Then it's a grouchy time. My wonderful beloved wife usually asks me challengingly, "Are you pissed off?" In nine out of ten cases, I deny it, and in the tenth, I explode and start yelling that yes, and it's her fault. (Which, of course, is nonsense. I know it, she knows it, but who cares at that point.)

It's usually because I don't have something. I don't have enough free time for myself. I don't have enough money to fulfil my next dream. Sometimes I just don't feel like doing anything.

I have plenty of reasons to be pissed off at any given moment.

But I also have many reasons to be happy. In fact, there are many more things I can be grateful for than negative ones. It's not something I don't know, I just don't think about it.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

This beautiful sentence has become a corny phrase for me that I have stopped thinking about. I forgot that I need to live it, not just have it rationally stored in a list of wise and motivational slogans.

I know well enough that it is important to practise gratitude. To be grateful for everything I have. To have joy in my mission and vision.

So again, for the one-hundred-fifty-millionth time, I remind myself again and yet again. Most importantly, I practise. More practise. And then some more. I must practise for all that I am grateful for in my life. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes not so much.

The main reminder for me is that being aware of something wise is only 10% of success. The remaining 90% is practise.

And how are you doing? For what can you be grateful in your life?

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