How to Deal with a Heap of Ideas While Writing?

🚀 When ideas pour down like rain, it's fantastic! 🌧️

However, it's essential to give them some thought before diving into a new project. The ideal approach is to jot them down. 📝📚 Then, wait a day, two, a week, or even a month, and then decide if we still like them.

Great works need time, space, and above all, consistency. So when a new idea comes, let's give it a chance, but wait and consider if it's good to abandon the old project – book, screenplay, or course – before completion, so we don't immediately focus on the new impulse. 👩‍💻💭

📓⏳ We might end up with a bunch of half-written books and projects without a single clear outcome. 💡💭

💡 Tip: Record your ideas in a notebook and let them mature before fully concentrating on them. 📓⏳

🤔💻 Writing coaching question: If you feel like leaving an ongoing project for a new one, what motivated you so much in the original one that you embarked on it? 🤔💭

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