My favourite method for dealing with rejection of my work.

Selling your services, your book, offering your screenplay, or your course is personal. When a customer rejects us at work, we might (with a bit of luck) be used to it, and perhaps we're in a position where we hardly encounter rejection. 😊💼📚

But when we put ourselves out there and offer something from within, every rejection, every dismissal can be very painful. It's hard not to take it personally, after all, it's something directly from us. 💔🙁

Personally, I've struggled (and still do). 🙋‍♂️💭

Two things helped me the most: anchoring myself in why I'm truly doing it and that I'm not trying to sell anything, but seeking those whom my book, service, screenplay, or course can genuinely help. So, not selling at any cost, not pushing marketing, but seeking those for whom my service or product is useful. 🎯🌟📈

The same goes for offering a book. Offering is great for those who can benefit from it. Therefore, I won't assume that everyone will love exactly what I write. But somewhere out there are readers who could enjoy my book. 📖🌈📚

I will find them! 🕵️‍♀️💪💫🔎

Coaching questions for you in such a situation may be:

How do you feel when someone rejects your book, screenplay, or course? 😔💔

From what belief does this emotion arise? 🤔💭


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