Therapy is for Nuts, Weirdos, and Whiny Incompetent Losers

Posted on 23 May 2023

That used to be my belief. 

Mainstream culture actually helps this. If by chance the character of a therapist appears in a movie or series, it is usually a romantic comedy and the cliché "How do you feel about it" slips by just about every screenwriter.

Traditional education takes it quite similarly, at least as far as boys are concerned. Don't cry, don't whine, you're not a man - that's sometimes a classic. Just be normal and do it the way it's supposed to be. 

The other extreme is also not very appealing. 

A guy who is always just observing, picking apart everything and everyone and prefers to go talk about his feelings rather than tighten the gasket at the dripping faucet is not exactly an attractive idea. 

So how is therapy and what is wrong with me?

Extremes are never cool and this is no exception. I've been through both myself and sometimes it's easy for me to slip into them even today. It's such an eternal job to be in your power while not stomping on your emotions and blocks and instead actively working with them.

Therapy is not really a dirty word, nor is it embarrassing and for losers.

I personally came to her through my wonderful wife when I was going through my own personal crisis without being willing to admit it. Actually, I didn't even think about it. I was just stuck, unhappy, unsatisfied, it all cost ass.

I was always working things out with my wife and we were fighting quite regularly. I kept wondering what all had to happen in order for me to finally be happy, what all had to work the way I wanted and needed.

A dysfunctional approach, or if you prefer, less loftily, total bullshit.

I was extremely lucky that my wife provided it to me at the time. I still remember her to this day. With a smirk, I said something along the lines of "well then show me" and then it went.

The plug popped out of the tub and all the dirty water started pouring down the drain.

I wish I could say it was the solution to all my problems (it wasn't). I would like to say that "I lived happily ever after" (not really). But it was extremely important. Everything old has ended and something new, much better, has begun. I was done with my jam and started down a different path.

No miracle happened.


Actually, yes, a miracle happened.

Since then, everything has changed. That is, I changed because I started working with the only thing that I can really influence and that can improve my quality of life. On himself.

I don't have experience seeing a therapist every week, or even every month. I have experience with the Brandon Bays Way therapy, where one meeting is enough for me even for a whole year (if there is no major problem).

So if you're stuck, long-term feeling pressure, unpleasant anger, sadness, "there's just something there", then therapy could be just for you.

After all, you are not nuts, nor weird people, nor whiny incompetent losers.

Learn more. 

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