What if nobody likes it?

📚🚀 Writing a book, screenplay, or creating a course is a long journey full of challenges. 🗺️ It's common to experience setbacks and lose motivation, but that's absolutely normal! It's an integral part of the creative process. There's nothing wrong with us. Every writer or creator encounters obstacles on their way to success.

The key is to always return to our original intention and keep it in mind. 💪 A simple tip is to take a break when you hit a slump, pause for a moment, and remember your initial purpose. Find fresh inspiration and, most importantly, remind yourself why you're doing it. 🌱 Take a walk in nature, listen to your favorite music, or even meditate.

Remember that even in the toughest moments, you're on the right path. It's crucial to remain faithful to your original purpose and not be discouraged. 🎯 Patience and trust in your creative process are essential. 💫

Writing coaching question: "What is the main reason why I want to write this book, screenplay, or course?" 🤔

Let your reason always be your guiding light on the journey to success.

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