Coaching with Therapy

The Power of Love and Listening

Group programme led by Simona Šormová 

You feel or know that you are here to help. However, you still don't know how to do it so that this work, this mission, this mission does not exhaust you? What to do to avoid being a victim? How to live life the way you want without constantly being afraid that you will run out of money, energy, or that you will not be able to have good and quality relationships?

This is an invitation to all highly sensitive, hyper-empathic, ever-listening WILLOWS to step into their full potential and power.

Willows are a vital support for today's leaders and visionaries. If we want to consciously help someone, it is important that we go through our own healing process. Effectively helping others begins with ourselves. 

If the other person does not value your support, it is necessary to recapitulate how we perceive our own worth. 

This programme is for you if…

  • feel that you always listen to others and never say anything yourself.
  • …you think others need your help more than you do.
  • feel exhausted after a conversation with a friend.
  • are annoyed that no one asks you.
  • …others only see you when they need help.
  • …you feel taken advantage of because no one is there for you.
  • …you can't say no.
  • ...criticism hurts and blocks you.
  • seems to you that you can't do anything, that you're "just listening".
  • …you feel like you keep giving and nothing comes back.
  • give a lot, and energy, finances, joy do not return to you.
  • ​ feel unheard.
  • …you feel invisible.
  • ...helping is your "destiny".
  • …your heart is open to others, but kindness does not go to you.
  • …you wish that one day someone would listen carefully to you.
  • don't enjoy life and you've had enough of it all.


Nevertheless, you know very well that these are your gifts, and you want to use them for others, for the betterment of life on this earth.

​The Power of Love and Listening programme is created for everyone who helps and supports those who lead others. Even these people need support so that they can responsibly and lovingly lead others to a better new world.

In the program, Simona will teach you the techniques of most of what she knows and uses in her practice. Simona learned from the top teachers of Brandon Bays Way therapy, reading the Gifts of the Soul, Quantum Human Design, Enneagram Diamond approach, working with energy in the quantum field. 

The program also includes teaching Gabriel Therapeutic Channeling.

Therapeutic Channeling Gabriel

Healing channeling provides insight, insight and, above all, information that triggers a healing response. It is the energy of the Source that materializes in that moment. Channeling Gabriel is a gift that each of us can reawaken within ourselves.

"One day I needed help - and help suddenly came. A great pain was released inside me and I saw the trauma that remained inside me. The trauma was released and I could immediately move on. I have never experienced such an intense power of light as during this transmission of information, healing and vibration of Love. We all know her, but at the same time we have distanced ourselves from her. It's time to reawaken it."

Simona Šormová


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