Coaching with Therapy

Therapeutic Channeling Gabriel

Individual meetings focused on you, your situation, your pain, your trauma, your obstacle, and your block. You will gain a grounded and anchored look and perspective on the situation, an understanding and acceptance of a challenging situation, and what you can do. We will address and release your emotions of fear, anger, and sadness. You get a deep cleanse. 

Within each of us is our true self, our higher self, which is devoid of all fear, sadness, and anger. Our true selves, unencumbered by the fear of survival but by the desire to create, love, kindness, and authenticity Gabriel is the energy of the source to which we are all connected.

At the meeting, we combine coaching and a spiritual approach. You can choose whether you want to meet me or my wife Simi

Goal: Releasing emotions, getting answers to your questions, and getting insight and understanding of what troubles us. We will find a way for you to move forward that is convenient and helpful for you. What to do to start sleeping again and stop living with fear, shame, anger, and pain from the given situation What to do to start breathing freely and creating again 

  • one individual meeting - 120 minutes 
  • recording of the meeting

3,500 CZK | €175 meeting


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